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Why I love buttons

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I’ve been sewing since I can remember.  My first sewing machine was a little plastic, battery operated toy, there was no spool mechanism, it just did a very unreliable chain stitch.  It was my main Christmas present and I was disappointed, I felt I could have handled the real thing, but as I was only eight and my parents felt differently.  I attempted to make elegant outfits for my dolls, they didn’t quite resemble what I'd hoped for when I started, but with a little imagination my Barbies were the best dressed dolls around.  I filled a little crate with my sewing things and nothing was wasted, all my buttons were cut off old clothes, as were buckles, zips, lace and other trimmings.  I recently found an old box of buttons, I don't know how old they are, but I'm sure some of them could be classed as vintage.

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